The Gardens of Wilanów – 12 adventurous nature walks | 22 lipca

Everyone who loves nature is invited to the Gardens of Wilanów to discover the beauty of the four seasons in royal gardens and landscape parks. Come and find out what species of animals and plants you can observe in the king Jan III’s residence and how nature changes throughout the year. Each of the trips will reveal the secrets of another topic regarding the biodiversity and natural heritage of the royal residence in Wilanów.

Nature is an adventure!


Next meetings: 

• 22.07.2018: To the water!

When it’s warm outside, it’s good to go to the water. So many interesting things are happening over there that it’s hard to decide whether one should look at its surface or the sky above! We invite you for a trip in search of dragonflies, water lilies, terns and many other species that inhabit the Wilanowskie Lake.

• 19.08.2018: The Wilanów farm

• 09.09.2018: Let’s go!

• 21.10.2018: Among the falling leaves

• 18.11.2018: A box of curiosities

• 9.12.2018: A winter meeting with the birds 


Language: Walks are conducted in English.
Hours: 11.00-12.30
Rules of participation: Participation in trips is possible after buying an education ticket - 10 PLN for each participant. Tickets are available at the museum ticket office or online. We start in front of the ticket office (yellow building at the main avenue). The number of tickets is limited.

Detailed information:
Julia Dobrzańska
Education Department 
+48 22 544 28 64


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